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How to Store Stemware

How to Store Stemware

There’s a common debate about whether it’s best to store your stemware rim-side down or up. If you like your gorgeous crystal glasses and you’re storing them with the rim down, you may be surprised to find out that’s not the best way. Delicate crystal glasses should be stored with the rip up since that rim is very gentle and it’ll begin to crack under the weight of it. Now that we’ve cleared this up, here are some creative ways on how to store your stemware!

7 Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodel Your Bathroom

Let’s be honest, your bathroom is used on a very regular basis. This constant use is usually one of the main reasons for the breakdown of some major components over time. All in all, a remodel of your bathroom depends on what you would like to accomplish. Here are some common reasons why you should remodel your bathroom.

Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Kitchen Design Mistakes

Kitchen needs to be both functional and beautiful since a lot of home activities take place in this comfortable area of bright lights and tasty aromas. A kitchen makeover can add to the value of your home and make your cooking time more enjoyable. But, the project this demanding should be approached with a great understanding and planning since kitchen design mistakes can happen easily. To create a space that will be good for all the activities you want, here are some common design mistakes as well as suggestions on how to avoid them!

5 Unique Bathroom Theme Ideas

Bathroom Theme Ideas

You can turn your bathroom into the retreat of your dreams by choosing a completely new and unique bathroom theme idea. Interesting ideas and color combinations can transform the look of your bathroom and turn it into the place you are going to love the most.

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Tools

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Tools

When you decide to update your kitchen design, that is the perfect time to incorporate creative utensil and tool storage solutions into your kitchen. Every cook has a few best friends: appliances, utensils, and the dishware you use every day. These tools and utensils have earned prime storage space in your kitchen.

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