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Avoid These Bathroom Design Mistakes

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When you get started designing your bathroom, you may feel like you have a grasp on the basics. After all, how hard can it be? You have a toilet, a sink, and maybe a shower or bathtub, and you apply your color palette, right? In fact, it’s a little more complicated. Below are some common mistakes you can avoid with a little planning.

What to Ask Your Kitchen Designer

You’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, and after doing some research, you’ve found the perfect kitchen designer. They’re experienced, they understand what you want, and they are excited to help you create your dream kitchen. So now what? Below, we address a few questions you may want to ask our kitchen designer to help the process go smoothly for both of you.

Top 4 Kitchen Layouts

Almost everyone has an idea of what they want when they think about their dream kitchen. You likely know what appliance features you want, what flooring and countertops, and possibly even what kind of cabinetry. But have you stopped to think about the big picture — the layout? Below are some of the common layouts that may work well with your home design.

Four Illuminating Kitchen Lighting Options

The kitchen is the hub of most households — it’s where you prepare meals, gather with friends and family, and do a fair amount of cleaning. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, likely doing a lot of cooking and cleaning, making it important to make sure your kitchen is well-lit so you have good visibility to complete your tasks. Below are some ways to incorporate more lighting into your kitchen.

5 Ingenious Kitchen Organization Ideas

Are you tired of dealing with clutter and messy cabinets and having a difficult time finding what you need when you need it? To help solve those problems, here are five kitchen organization solutions that can help you keep the clutter organized and make things easier to find while cooking. Keep your pantry organized and your cabinets neat while keeping everything within easy reach without having to make a mess while searching for what you need — all while making sure your kitchen is as stylish as they come.

5 Unique Bathroom Sink and Faucet Options

bathroom design mistakes to avoid

Shower curtains and bathtubs have long been the decor centerpieces of well-appointed residential bathrooms, but with some new and innovative sinks and faucets available on the market, that might be changing. Below are some of the most interesting and eye-catching sink and faucet combos you might consider adding to your bathroom.

5 Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

kitchen storage space

Whether you have a small kitchen or just have a lot of things to try to find storage for your large collection of kitchen items, kitchen storage is much sought-after, leaving many homeowners to find creative solutions. Below are some of those kitchen storage solutions, some of which may work in your home. Read on for some inspirational ideas!

5 Surprising Ways to Store Wine

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If you enjoy wine, it’s likely that you enjoy every aspect of it — selecting it, drinking it, and even displaying it. However, traditional wine racks get boring after a while, and wine bottles can take up a surprising amount of room. How to solve both problems at once? Check out some of the wine storage ideas below to see if any of them will work for you.

5 Kitchen Hardware Trends

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Hardware takes up such a small amount of space in the kitchen, but it can make such a huge difference in how a kitchen looks. These drawer pulls and cabinet knobs add just the right accent in your kitchen and can help pull the look you’re going for together. Below are some of the types of kitchen hardware trending right now that might work well in your kitchen.

5 Clever Kitchen Additions

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Tools

Kitchen design is more of an art than a science, with a million storage, aesthetic, and technical considerations to keep in mind at all times. A skilled kitchen designer can find a way to fit a wide range of requests into your kitchen design, but these clever additions may surprise even the most experienced designer. Read through this list of surprising kitchen design options to see if there’s any you want to discuss with your designer.

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